Sunday, September 17, 2006

Archives from the Royal Society

I just received an email that I thought was worth sharing:

Jilliene Jewell
Over 340 years of landmark science available for first time, 14 Sep 2006. The complete archive of the Royal Society journals, including some of the most significant scientific papers ever published since 1665, is to be made freely available electronically for the first time today (14th September 2006) for a two month period. The archive contains seminal research papers including accounts of Michael Faraday's groundbreaking series of electrical experiments, Isaac Newton's invention of the reflecting telescope, and the first research paper published by Stephen Hawking.
The Society's online collection, which until now only extended back to 1997, contains every paper published in the Royal Society journals from the first ever peer-reviewed scientific journal, Philosophical Transactions in 1665, to the most recent addition, Interface.
The archive is open here, and access is free until December 2006.

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