Friday, October 20, 2006


This blog is going on a bit of a hiatus. My schedule has become more hectic and I'm finding it a challenge to throw anything creative or interesting up here. Until that changes, there won't be any new content here. Thanks to everyone who reads this blog.


BSF said...

Does this require that you change some of what you said in your previous post?

true dough said...

Ha!! Maybe not! Try this: I can continue to blog post-run, with no opportunity cost, but the content of my posts will continue to decline because I'm incapable of concentrating on the subject areas that interest me. When I reread a previous post and realize its low quality, I'm annoyed. Thus, blogging actually decreases my utility at this time.
(The abstract lesson here: I can BS my way through anything)
Although, considering that blogging is truly addictive, chances are my hiatus won't last long.

happyjuggler0 said...

The price on our time as determined by its constant limited supply and variable demand is, well, variable.

Without knowing your particular situation, I suspect that there will be times during a week where you might welcome a "break" to blog, while during others you'll surely get a negative return on your blogging investment/consumption.

I'll still peek in here every now and then during my "rounds". I enjoy the fact that you seem to be a rare Candian blogger (in economics anyway, I don't follow the entire blogging spectrum) and as an American I learn things not available elsewhere. I also enjoy your wide range of subject matter and watching you almost working things out on the fly. ;]

I'll admit, I also found it humorous that this post comes on the heels of the previous one. (see last sentence in my last paragraph).

true dough said...

“...I suspect that there will be times during a week where you might welcome a "break" to blog...”

Yes. I thought of a nice subject to blog about on the walk home today. Of course, I'll have to hold it in the back room for at least 48 hours, lest I appear indecisive or suspicious. My last post was just a ploy to weed out my less devoted readership. I'm so glad you've met the challenge.

It's splendid that someone else shares an appreciation for the murder I get away with on this blog. Not like on Mark Thoma's blog. He keeps a tough crowd. Or, at least, he keeps a crowd. No matter. Quality above quantity, right you two?