Sunday, December 03, 2006

To anyone who still returns this blog, I really appreciate you being so patient with my increasingly relaxed blogging habits. I'd prefer to be posting more often and I have a few ideas that I'm eager to run past anyone who will listen. The frequency will pick up here again in a week when I return to trying to earn your love (or at least your readership).
Sometimes I think Stanislaw Lec wasn't being so terribly peculiar when he said, "People find life entirely too time-consuming."


Mark Thoma said...

School should come first - so don't worry, we'll still be here when you get back.


Stephen Gordon said...

I've been reading, but I've only just figured out how to post comments!

We'll still be here.

true dough said...

Dr. Thoma, thanks! You're right about school. Time to hibernate.

Dr. Gordon, I'm touched that you're reading...and posting!

Thanks folks!

amphimacer said...

Keep posting when you can. There's always time for what's important, True: I'm listening to a podcast of new bands, and posting here, while the apartment is a mess and my own blog has had only one post this week. I'm 53 now, and my life is great!

happyjuggler0 said...

The Communist (alleged) ethos of everyone taking care of everyone else and therefore they will take care of you is bovine scatology (i.e. b.s.). People aren't hardwired that way unfortunately. Positive externalities are nice, but you need to take care of yourself first.

Tradeoffs are everywhere. Sometimes you may want to share something econ with others, other times you may be hoping for feedback on an issue that is hot or controversial or you are unsure about. Or you may find that writing about something helps clarify your thoughts on something, so the incremental cost of posting it to your blog is miniscule. Still other times you may want to go out and play, or have to study too much, or whatever. I'm reasonably sure (!) most people who read your blog understand about tradeoffs....

I go on "rounds" of econ blogs (and others) at least once a day, often more than once, especially to check up on developments in threads I'm interested in.

Even if you remain relatively inactive you'll still make the list of blogs I peek at. :)

vstm said...

Karate Kid:

study hard,
and don't forget to eat.

Good luck on the exams! I'm sure you'll do great.


true dough said...

Amphimacer: 53?! Oh, well then, you're a pup. I take back everything.

Juggler: I'm glad “true dough” is on your blog roll. Your comments are always clear and well-structured and I enjoy reading them here and elsewhere in the blogosphere. In fact, I wish you had a one-stop comment shop (ie- a blog of your own); of course, that might mean you'd share less insights elsewhere. :(