Thursday, August 17, 2006

Education, c'est délivrance

Paul Wells has noted that the federal government is consulting the public on post-secondary education. According to Human Resources and Social Develpment (HRSDC), public feedback "...may be used by HRSDC for policy analysis, research and evaluation purposes, including policy development." Send your comments here. As Derek Bok once put it, if you think education is expensive, try ignorance. The deadline for input is Sept. 08.
I explored the HRSDC website and found a list of consultation themes and questions (No link - you have to accept the privacy statement to access this page).

1. Objectives for post-secondary education (PSE) and training
What objectives should Canada aspire to for PSE and training? Which objectives would you rank among the top three priorities for action?
2. Clarifying roles and responsibilities in PSE and training
Given what you have identified as objectives, what would be the most important roles for the Government of Canada to play?
Where would clarifying roles and responsibilities amongst governments be most helpful? Do you have advice on how these roles could best be defined?
3. Developing a framework for ensuring measurable results and accountability
What results would be most useful to measure in terms of PSE and training?
How could governments report on progress so that they are held accountable?

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